Finance & accounting


  • keep your books and provide all accounting services either on its own data processing system, or on your own, for instance SAP, JDE, SAGE, etc. via a Citrix or similar connection.
  • do the entire administrative management of your clients and/or suppliers from processing the sale or purchase orders to billing, cash collection or payment.
  • provide a monthly or quarterly financial reporting package in a format consistent with your needs and the accounting principles you adhere to, for instance : French GAAP, Italian GAAP, UK GAAP, US GAAP, etc.
  • manage your financial resources and banking relation by presenting you the payments to be made at their due date or, in cooperation with your bank, treasury investments adapted to remunerate your excess cash balances, or simply by establishing in your French entity your own group procedures. For instance, if you have a cash pool between all your subsidiaries, we can provide daily surveillance of transactions and reconciliations. INTEREXCO has a large experience with the systems of many of the large banks.
  • can assist with establishing your budgets and forecasts, including updating and comparing them to actuals.
  • if your choice is to have your own accounting organisation in France, INTEREXCO can help you set it up, including recruiting competent staff to run it,  and helping you with data processing choices.
  • oversee your accounting organisation, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, according to the needs, providing all necessary assistance and support to your staff and insuring the reliability of the financial information produced.
  • draw your annual financial statements, balance sheet, profit & loss statement, notes to the financial statements, as well as the compulsory finance forecasts if  applicable to your company.
  • keep the liaison with your Commissaire aux Comptes (public auditor), if you have by law an obligation to have one, and even welcome him to perform his audit work in our offices, if INTEREXCO is keeping your accounts.